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Effect Camera (iPhone Application)

What's new?

(2010.8.28) Version 1.0: Now available on the iTunes App Store.


Camera application with 30 visual effects, including monochrome, sepia, toon shading, and more. All effects are done in real time. You can take picture while previewing the result. You can also select the shutter sound from 3 presets.

Works on iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.

Resolution of the picture taken depends on the screen resolution:
960x640 (iPhone 4) or 480x320 (iPhone 3GS).

Special Effects included

Color (Hard)
Color (Soft)
Color Negative
Monochrome (Hard)
Monochrome (Soft)
Monochrome (Yellow filter)
Monochrome (Red filter)
Monochrome (Green filter)
Monochrome (Blue filter)
Monochrome Negative
Warm Tone
Cold Tone
Blue Black
Edge (inverted)
Toon (color)
Toon (monochrome)
Color Posterization (fine)
Color Posterization (coarse)
Mono Posterization (fine)
Mono Posterization (coarse)
Psychedelic Color
Psychedelic Monochrome
Psychedelic B/W
Long Wave
Short Wave
Wave Glass (Vertical)
Wave Glass (Horizontal)


Email: okayan (at) c-creators.co.jp
Twitter: @t_okada